Monday, 6 February 2017

Kingtblakhoc: Nigeria's first star in an unlikely business, porn

Kingtblakhoc, Nigeria's porn king and businessman

Kingtblakhoc is Nigeria's first porn star and he is not ashamed to promote his business online.

The name Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso might mean nothing to you but his moniker Kingtblakhoc is popular on social media.

I stumbled on Kingtblakhoc in 2015. A babe shared his risqué photos on her timeline on Twitter. I didn't believe what I saw and went to check out his Instagram account. Kingtblakhoc is the real deal- Nigeria's first open pornstar.

Most of the porn that's sold and consumed in Nigeria are mostly foreign. The small percentage of Naija porn clips online are leaked amateur sex clips that found its way into the wrong hands.


Nigerian porn on a commercial level barely exists, although small and underground porn companies have started springing up. Even with this development, it is the standard practice for porn actors to mask their faces.


The Nigerian society is still squeamish about sex and conservative. Kingtblakhoc is a rebel, though. He shows his face in his porn videos, Instagram and Twitter videos as well.


He started off with racy Instagram videos of him with nude and semi-nude women in his hotel room. After gaining a following online he created his website hoclifestyle.

On his website, he sells porn videos starring him as the only guy. Some of the videos have corny story lines such as the one with him and a female banker.

Kingtblakhoc is more than a porn actor. He is a porn businessman and a  porn star. He is the only Nigerian selling porn videos of himself to the mainstream.


He is also active on his social media accounts where he posts videos of his amusing monologues to his fans and those interested in his business.

There are rumours that Kingtblakhoc is in the business of 'Yahoo, Yahoo' and he made his fortune by going to Malaysia. Whatever the rumours are, Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso is Nigeria's star in a business that is scorned in public but patronised in private.

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